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The aerospace and defense industry is always pushing the envelope for faster, higher, farther, and more accurate systems. System complexity is increasing and more and more aerospace vehicles are interdependent on other vehicles and support equipment. The development of new vehicles involves risks that are not seen in any other industry.
There is help to tackle the challenges of developing more sophisticated aircraft and spacecraft vehicles. A suite of software tools is available to design, validate, manufacture, and operate these new systems. Template based simulation tools allow complex systems to be quickly assembled from components and subsystems. Parametric capability allows complete design variations to be explored, using Monte Carlo, DOE, robust design, and optimization techniques. And high performance computing and simulation data management tools are available to provide the infrastructure required to simulate your systems fast and efficiently.

Today's fast moving Automotive industry demands state-of-the-arts technology with high level of safety. The marketplace for manufacturers in the automotive industry is brutal - competition is global, the pressure to drive down costs and improve quality are intense, the time to market is critical to success.
No matter if you are supplying components or build complete systems; don't you have to answer these questions when developing your product?
Will it perform?
Will it break?
Will it last?
Will it operate safely?
Will it meet comfort requirements?

Whether designing factory equipment, specialized material handling equipment, or other machines and equipment, the engineering demands are similar. Make it perform faster, make it last longer, make it move more precisely, or vibrate less. How will you be sure the product will meet these demands?
The process of design, build, and test with physical prototypes is the engineering approach that has been used for years. It is proven and reliable for designing machinery to meet specialized demands in farming, forestry, construction, and a host of other environments. But the process takes too long and requires too many prototypes to "get it right".
The new approach for all of engineering is to create virtual prototypes that can be tested in the computer, duplicating the conditions the entire machine will experience. In this virtual environment, the design can be changed, new prototypes can be built, and virtual tests can be run in minutes instead of months. This new approach has been proven in demanding aerospace applications, and shown reliable in time-critical automotive applications. Why not use these same techniques on all of your engineering designs?










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